Tarik Cohen was electric. He had the speed, agility, and a one-of-a-kind underdog story. Standing 5’6″ and weighing just shy of 180, no one would believe that Cohen would make it as a running back in the NFL. After being selected in the 4th round of the 2017 draft by Bears GM Ryan Pace, and…More

Undrafted Free Agent Reactions

We grabbed 22 UDFAs (so far) and some of them peaked my interet. Here’s a little bit about 11 of them. Jean Delance solid backup potential. Technique and instincts need work… Great length and quick pass slides Tristen Taylor strong upper body and stays square… Inconsistent footwork and body placement. Landon Lenoir strong hands good…More

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Bill Kelsey

Bill is a Suit by day… a beer brewer, truth seeker, and most of all a complete Sports Junkie by Night! “My Beloved Chicago Bears will always be my first sports love. When it comes to Chicago Bears I fall into the meatball bears fan category, with a touch of reason… As long as it is not a Bears football Sunday! And if it is… Hold my Reason… it is about to get loud in here.”

Rick Leen

Rick has been a Bears fan his entire life. As the founder of Jabber Jockey Podcasts, he knew the first spinoff channel needed to be of his beloved Chicago Bears. Rick is driven by his family, his faith, and just sheer joy (and heartache) of watching and following the Chicago Bears.

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